Introduction to C.A.T.S. (Cranial Adjusting Turner Style)

Learn how to manually adjust the 22 cranial bones above the atlas individually and specifically. When the skull is misaligned that decreases the CSF, blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain which interferes with brain function.

Online C.A.T.S. Workshop

“I usually fall asleep during seminars because I have seen or heard it all before. In the C.A.T.S. workshop this did not happen, the time just flew by. Very, very, very, VERY useful, applicable and easy to implement.”

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Change Your Life

Take this course and join thousands of others in changing lives.

C.A.T.S. Course

Learn the origin of C.A.T.S. and how this technique is applied in practice. Open up your mind to a new approach that gets results faster.


Cranial Adjusting Technique

Dr. Turner will walk you through easy to follow instructions on how to manipulate the bones of the skull. By taking this course, you learn that there is always something you can do to help.

Plan of Action

Don’t stop at the Atlas. Take your manual therapy skills to new levels with outstanding results. The possibilities with this technique are beyond exciting.

Topics of the Course


About the Instructors​

Dr. Roger Turner

Dr. Roger Turner graduated from from CMCC in 1974. He is the founder of Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (C.A.T.S.).

Dr. Rory Turner

Dr. Rory Turner graduated from CMCC in 2014. He co-created the C.A.T.S. courses. He currently practices in Ottawa Ontario.

“ Thanks for the excellent seminar in Vancouver last weekend! I have already had a patient come in the day after treatment just to drop in and tell me how she had slept all night long ( She was sooo excited about it!!). This patient hasn’t slept right in years. Fab seminar. Jillian and I look forward to level II. I’m stoked on chiropractic like never before!”


“ Thanks for the excellent seminar in Vancouver last weekend! I have already had a patient come in the day after treatment just to drop in and tell me how she had slept all night long ( She was sooo excited about it!!).

Dr. Helena M. Beacom D.C., Whitehall, MI
“I just returned from Dr. Turner’s office. I drove over 400 miles to spend 3 full days with him in his offices in Ontario. Dr. Turner worked on Miles, my 22 month old son, 4-5 times a day. I had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Turner while he was adjusting Miles and many other “difficult” cases. I saw patient after patient who had attained amazing results, unheard of with just spinal adjustments and I learned so much in three days. On the third day I watched Miles take his first steps, 8 steps actually, all by himself! He never did that before! MILES STARTED STANDING BY HIMSELF, MILES STARTED WALKING!”
Dr. Kahlid Mankal, DC
“The confidence you get in Chiropractic after you have had your first non-verbal Autistic speak is incredibly life changing.”
Dr. Becky Bortolussi, DC
“I have had 8 non-verbal Autistics speak after their C.A.T.S. cranial adjustments.”
Dr. Jim Powell, DC
“I wish I would have taken your course SOONER! The results my patients have been getting have been life altering for them.”
Dr. Jim Powell, DC
“I wish I would have taken your course SOONER! The results my patients have been getting have been life altering for them.”
Dr. Riley Rattai, Red Deer, AB
“CATS truly has revolutionized my practice. Not only has it allowed me to treat new conditions which I couldn’t reach before, it has helped my existing patients reach new levels of satisfaction. Through CATS I have helped special needs children, headaches and migraines, concussions and sleep disturbances in addition to making people feel better overall. Since taking the cranial adjusting course my practice has grown by at least 30%, with more referrals coming every week. I’m excited to see what else is in store for the future.”
Dr. Perry Chinn
“I was a huge skeptic; everyone knows the sutures of the skull are fused. What I experienced at Dr.’s CATS workshop changed my life, I felt with my hands things that I would have sworn were impossible. I saw Dr.T adjust a 12 year old quadriplegic, non-verbal, non-communicative boy who was unable to hold up his head on his own. He had a brace attached to his wheel chair to hold up his head. To our amazement, after Dr.t’s cranial adjustment, the boy raised his head off the brace, said “ouch” and moved his lifeless hand up to move Dr.T’s hands back to the place he had just adjusted. In my clinic: decade-old headaches have disappeared, visual and auditory disorders have improved, cases of seizure activity have responded favorably. Patients with conditions resistant to spinal adjustments were responding well with the addition of CATS cranial adjustments.”
Drs. Lise Cloutier & Mike Reid, Chiropractic Masters, Ottawa, ON
“Dr. Turner’s passion and knowledge of cranial adjusting is immeasurable! What’s amazing is the incredible feedback we’ve been getting from our patients, everything from better behavior in children, better sleep and focus, to decreased migraines. We are also attracting far more complex cases which makes practice far more interesting.”
Dr. Craig D. Johannes B.Sc. D.C, Kitchener, ON
“After C.A.T.S Level I, I was deeply saddened because I knew I could have been doing a lot more for my patients over the past 15 years. Why did I stop at the atlas? I believe every Chiropractor would benefit from this technique. You will witness immediate life changing results in the workshop.”
Dr. Robert Graykowski, Carmichael, Ca.
“I have attended hundreds of seminars in the past 20 years. C.A.T.S I rate in the top 5. I attended specifically to have my wife treated for severe, progressive neurological problems from a head trauma. She was losing the function of her right arm and leg and was having difficulties with speech and coordination. Four neurologists and hundreds of thousands of tests gave no answers, only, it would probably progress. After 3 C.A.T.S. adjustments the function returned to the arm and leg, the fogginess cleared, headache – gone, vision is better and she is waking up clear headed in the morning. Plus, at the workshop, I witnessed a non-verbal Autistic speak after 1 C.A.T.S adjustment. Dr.T’s instruction is excellent; he takes very complicated neurology and technique and makes it easy.”
Dr. Sharon Anabell, Grand Junction, CO
“Even with the economy last year, my gross was up. Everyone else was down as much as 40%. I owe it to the cranial work. I am getting a lot more referrals from Chiropractors, even ones who do other cranial work. I’m also getting more special needs children as patients.”
llebrand Craye DC, Contoocok, New Hampshire
“Even with the economy last year, my gross was up. Everyone else w“Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring seminar and for sharing your knowledge and skills. Your “style” has certainly “upgraded” the chiropractic specialty of cranial adjusting with an unparalleled dimension. Your instructions were not only clear and easy to implement, but you were also very generous with your compliments in response to the achievements of your students and gave credit for accomplishments wherever due. All of this you did in an environment that was very relaxed and filled with down as much as 40%. I owe it to the cranial work. I am getting a lot more referrals from Chiropractors, even ones who do other cranial work. I’m also getting more special needs children as patients.”
John Simkovich DC, Morgantown, West Virginia
“I was scheduled for decompression surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia. Since 1950 I have had intermittent to constant lanciating pain in the right side of my face, especially in the mandible region and a long list of related symptomatology. The slightest touch triggered intense pain making it difficult to impossible to brush my teeth, eat or even shave. I have been treated for 54 years by surgeons, acupuncture, medications, herbs and the best of the best Chiropractors. No one was able to give even temporary relief. One treatment by Dr.T’s cranial technique and I had the best nights sleep in 50 years, the pain was less intense, I could eat without taking pain medication and light touch did not elicit any reaction. After 4 C.A.T.S. treatments the pain was totally gone; I could eat, sleep, brush and shave without any discomfort. The cost of the workshop – 500 bucks, the results of Dr.T’s treatments – priceless.”
Guildor Poitras DC, Evangeline, Grand-Sault/Falls, and New Brunswick
My head measured 1inch difference from rt. posterior / lt. frontal and lt. posterior / rt. frontal. With one C.A.T.S adjustment by Dr. T, the difference was ½ inch. At the end of the workshop and another adjustment by Dr.T the measurements (done by other DC’s in attendance) were exactly the same. Everyone at the workshop noticed a tremendous difference in my facial appearance. My hats now fit perfectly. My first day back in the office a patient said I looked 10 years younger.
Roderick J. Belyea DC, Charlottetown, PEI
“The best cranial seminar I have ever attended.”
Marie-France Racine DC, Campbellton, NB
“I liked the friendly atmosphere for learning and practicing this wonderful new technique. The course materials are well done and the illustrations and explanations made it simple to understand.”
Arthur Ticknor DC, Eugene, Oregon
“This is a very direct approach to cranial adjusting that yields immediate, observable results. It is the missing link I have been looking for, now I can utilize it.”
Leander Eckard DC, Williams Health Care
“I didn’t believe Turner when he said he could correct the indents in the hard parts of the skull. I said ‘I knew ‘B.S.’ when I heard it.’ He then showed me 5 examples and I realized that when Turner says he can move the cranial bones, he can and will prove it to you. Since he performed C.A.T.S. on me I have felt better overall and haven’t had a headache since, I used to get them often. Dr. T, you are a genius.”
Dr. Eric Plasker, The Family Practice, Inc.
“Dr. Turner is one of our professions true healers. His passion, skill and willingness to share his knowledge are making a big difference for a lot of Chiropractors. You will love having his cranial techniques as a part of your arsenal to help patients. Many of our doctors in The Family Practice are using these skills to provide lifetime care for everyone.”
Dr. Allan Austin, Trigenics, Myoneural Medicine
“Dr. Roger Turners C.A.T.S. procedures could well be the missing element in brain based cranial manipulation. His work and concepts have taken this critically important field of manual therapy to new levels with outstanding results.”
Dr. William Watt D.C., Calgary, AB
“See miracles materialize in your hands as you apply this cutting edge material. C.A.T.S. is Dr. Turner’s journey of discovery where complex becomes simple and new adjusting concepts are easily understood for effortless incorporation into daily practice. The wealth of information on cranial adjusting and lifestyle changes will increase your energy, focus and effectiveness as a Chiropractor. You will learn how to dramatically change lives in a consistent manner, thereby energizing you, your patients and staff, leading to a flood of referrals and a happy, healthy practice. Attend this program and you will be totally blown away by the changes you will see at the workshop and in your office, even in the most difficult cases. The best seminar I have ever attended, it is so good I have been to Level I three times.”
Dr. John DiVelbiss, Westerville, OH
“I used cranial for years and was already sold on its use and effectiveness. However, C.A.T.S. is far beyond what I was doing or what anyone else is teaching!”
Dr. Clare Haitsma, Lacombe, AB
“It was a pleasure to be around your group of ‘Turnered on’ Chiro’s. I have been in practice 29 years and your enthusiasm for Chiropractic reminded me of the days when we would hang around after a seminar and share our excitement for Chiropractic. The cranial work I had left me with my brain feeling clearer than I can ever remember. I started doing C.A.T.S. on Monday and had some wonderful immediate results and positive comments from patients. This is awesome stuff. I had a 28% increase in patient visits that week. I put it all to my increase energy, focus, FCB and desire to serve with my new C.A.T.S. knowledge.”
Dr. Dennis Woggon, St Cloud, MN
“Dr. Turner took the ‘mystery’ out of Cranial Adjusting. C.A.T.S. is a very objective form of evaluation for the correction of cranial subluxations.”
Dr. Mark Whitaker, Red Deer, AB
“Dr. Turner is the master of maintaining focus while adjusting patients and in keeping the energy of the group very high while teaching C.A.T.S. This workshop has the most hands on material of any seminar. It is very, very applicable to everyday practice.”
Perry Chinn DC, Seattle
“I have always been very sceptical of anything other than adjusting the spine. After observing Dr. Turner perform his C.A.T.S. technique and asking some very pointed, less than tactful, questions, I asked to be adjusted. I experienced a tremendous feeling of “expansion”. My senses were heightened and it felt like a mental weight was lifted.